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Signs You Have A Cracked Tooth

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All emergencies are obvious, right? Actually, there are some emergencies that can be overlooked – especially when it comes to your oral health. A cracked tooth is a dental emergency, yet many people are either unaware that they have a cracked tooth or they ignore the signs. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to go in to the dentist for a regular cleaning and checkup to learn that one of their teeth is cracked. Understanding the signs that you have a cracked tooth are important as a cracked tooth is a very serious dental concern that needs intervention.

Many people are surprised at how easily a tooth can become cracked given that tooth enamel is the hardest substance within the human body. However, bad habits, improper oral hygiene, and not taking the necessary precautions for protection during recreational sports can all lead to cracking or damaging a tooth. Nail-biting is a common cause of cracking the front teeth. Chewing hard candies or crunching ice is a common cause of cracking the back molars. These bad habits put a great deal of pressure on the teeth, and they need to be avoided in order to evade cracking a tooth. It is also important that if you or your child is involved in recreational sporting activities that proper mouth guards are worn to protect the teeth from injury. Any type of blow to the face can result in a cracked, broken, or knocked out tooth; therefore, having the proper protection in place can go a long way in protecting the teeth from damage.

Aside from blunt force to the face, a cracked tooth may not always be felt or identified right away. A common excuse that dentists often hear from patients is that they did not know that pain or discomfort they were feeling inside their mouth was serious. A cracked tooth often has discomfort that comes and goes, typically while eating. When pressure from chewing is placed on a cracked tooth, the crack will open and the sensitive roots of the tooth will be exposed causing a jolt of pain or discomfort. However, when the pressure is taken off the tooth, the discomfort will be relieved as the crack closes. This “coming and going” of pain leads people to mistakenly believe that whatever is going on is not that serious.

Any time you experience pain or discomfort inside your mouth, it is important to seek attention from your dentist right away. Pain is the first sign that something is wrong with your oral health. Other signs of a cracked tooth are a line in a tooth or a change in the appearance of a single tooth. If you are worried that you have a cracked tooth, please contact Allen Dentistry. We are here for you.

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