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Whether you decide to clean out the garage or declutter your closet, it’s that time of year again for spring cleaning chores. However, as you give your house a lighter, fresher feel, why not do the same for your teeth? Your smile deserves a spring cleaning too!

At Allen Dentistry, we’ve found that springtime is the perfect opportunity to schedule your routine dental cleaning. In order to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, this appointment should be made twice a year. By booking a spring teeth cleaning with us, you’ll gain benefits towards your health, your appearance and your wallet.

A routine dental exam and cleaning includes many elements to ensure your oral health is in check. Not only will one of our hygienists remove stains and stubborn plaque from your pearly whites, but we will also conduct a visual exam, digital x-rays and oral cancer screening while you’re in the dental chair.

A spring cleaning will certainly leave you feeling refreshed and more attractive, but it also allows Dr. Nylander to address small dental problems before they become a burden to your health or budget. Issues such as gum disease can cause detrimental effects such as heart disease, stroke and tooth loss. Routine dental cleanings can help you prevent periodontal disease and protect your well-being. If a dental problem is noted during your appointment, you can trust our practice to handle it with excellence.

Could your smile use a springtime boost? Schedule your spring dental cleaning with Allen Dentistry. We treat patients of all ages with comfortable, high quality dentistry.

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