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Toothache? Don’t Ignore It.

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If you have a headache, it is often a symptom of stress or a strained muscle in the jaw. If you have a swollen ankle, it is typically a sign of a sprain or a fracture. Well, what about a toothache? Many people want to choose to ignore a toothache assuming that it will simply go away. However, a toothache is unique in that it is an indication that something is going on inside your mouth that needs the attention of your dentist.

The teeth are quite unique features within the human body because each individual tooth is its own living thing. All of the teeth together support one another and the jaw bone, giving structure to your facial appearance. Ignoring an issue with a single tooth can cause the death of that tooth to occur. If a tooth dies, it will either fall out or it must be removed in order to prevent infection and/or decay from spreading to neighboring teeth. If you lose one tooth, the entire mouth is compromised. Therefore, a toothache should never be viewed as something “small” or as a “non-issue.” The truth is, one single tooth that is causing you pain or discomfort can lead to a mouth full of issues.

There are many causes of a toothache, some more serious than others. Yet, even a mild issue needs to be evaluated by your dentist before it turns into a big issue that causes you a great deal of pain, time, and expense. Many patients come into the dentist because a tooth is hurting and the gum tissues around the tooth are swollen and tender. This can be caused by a popcorn kernel being stuck between the tooth and the gums. While patients often feel silly about this, the truth is your dentist wants you to come in for something as minor as a popcorn kernel. That popcorn kernel that is stuck will begin to rot if it is not removed, and the rotting process will transfer to your gum tissues and your tooth root. So, no issue is insignificant!

More serious issues that cause a toothache are a cracked, fractured, or broken tooth; a tooth that is dying from the inside out; an injury to the jaw that has knocked a tooth loose from its socket. These issues should also not be ignored, as they will not heal themselves and will only wreak havoc inside your mouth.

At Allen Dentistry, we are proud to serve patients with all of their oral health care needs. If you have any type of toothache or discomfort inside your mouth, please don’t ignore it! Contact our practice today for the next available appointment.

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