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What Sets Dental Implants Apart from Other Restoration Options? – Allen, TX

People who suffer from tooth loss find dental implants a favorable solution. Not only does it replace missing teeth, but it also provides stability and durability which people have been hoping for. Although other restorations have been present for years, many nowadays prefer dental implants. However, there are also some who are still hesitant about the potential of the newer option. So to make everything clear and to convince more people about the wonders dental implants offer, here is a list of its promising advantages we at Allen Dentistry prepared!


Reasons that Sets Dental Implants Apart

  • Unmatched Durability: Although other restorations promise to last for many years, dental implants took longevity to another level. With the proper oral care practices and the observance of routine visits, implant restorations can last even for a lifetime!
  • Secured Stability: Implant posts are surgically placed on the jawbone to serve as the anchors for the prostheses. Titanium implants allow the occurrence of osseointegration which is the formation of a bond between the jawbone and titanium post. With it, patients are assured of having a strong and stable foundation for the prostheses.
  • More convenient: Unlike conventional restorations, dental implants are not removable. Thanks to this, patients are free to perform their normal habits like eating, speaking, smiling, and oral hygiene as they usually do without any worries.
  • Freedom to eat: Patients are free to eat the food they want without having to worry about slipping or breaking the prostheses. With the durability and stability of dental implants, eating with an oral device has never been better.
  • Better comfort: Irritations and discomfort caused by a wobbly dental appliance is no longer a worry with dental implants. Prostheses will comfortably remain in place when used.
  • Improved psychological wellness: Missing a tooth or two can cause a person to become more self-conscious. As a result, their confidence can drop as they restrict themselves from smiling due to the fear of being embarrassed. Lost teeth restored with dental implants make people more confident as it enhances their self-esteem.
  • Promotes excellent oral health: Restoring the teeth with dental implants halts bone loss and the other effects of missing teeth. As a result, the state of the overall oral health is kept in shape.


Are you aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Why not take advantage of the amazing benefits of Dental Implants in Allen, TX? Contact us to know more about the procedure and to schedule your appointment with Allen Dentistry!